The City of Yoakum makes every effort to ensure that appropriate disclosure forms are filed as required by Local Government
Code, Section 176.003.

Rodriguez, Anita R. - Mayor - updated January, 2017

Sitka, Elorine - Mayor Pro-Tem - updated April, 2014

McCoy, Tim - Councilmember - updated April, 2014

Jahn, Rodney - Councilmember - April, 2014
Conflict of Interest Statements & Questionnaires
Local Officials
City Council
Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
Barre, Tommy - Updated April, 2014
Hermann, Arthur G.. III - updated April, 2014
Rodriguez, Anita R. - Updated April, 2013
Stevens, Zenith - Updated April, 2014
Maneth, Gery - May, 2013
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