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OVERDRIVE - eBooks!!!
Borrow eBooks from our library today.
With overdrive, you can borrow and
enjoy FREE eBooks, audiobooks, and
more from your library's digital
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connection and a valid library card.  
The Overdrive App may also be
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TexShare DataBase (It's Amazing!!!)
TexShare is a subscription provided to
you free of charge as a patron of our
library. Try these databases filled with
magazine articles, encyclopedia entries,
resume builder, legal information,
crafts/hobbies, genealogy, automotive,
and MUCH MORE! Contact us for the
username and password.
Carl & Mary Welhausen Library
810 Front Street
Yoakum, TX 77995
Phone #:  (361) 293-5001
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Come by and check out our newly formed junior and young adult sections.  We offer a variety of reading
material including over 980 junior fiction & 725 young adult fiction, and over 925 non-fiction titles.  
Movies Available for Check Out
with your library card
DVDs and BluRay
Friends of the Carl and Mary Welhausen Library Teen Advisory Committee
The Friends of the Carl and Mary Welhausen Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is a volunteer group of responsible and
dedicated individuals ranging from ages 12-18 who are committed to making a difference in the Library and their Community.
This committee operates under the direction of the Friends of the Library Board. Members will have a vital role in helping
develop the junior and young adult collections, with community outreach, event and program planning, publicity, and
volunteering. TAC members gain community service hours, great leadership skills and meet new people, as they participate
and assist, as a team, in organizing certain events and programs throughout the year.
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