Richard Clark
Water/Wastewater Superintendent
The City's Water & Wastewater Department is primarily responsible for maintaining the water lines located within the City limits.  
Their duties include:

  1. Installing Water Taps
  2. Installing New Water & Sewer Mains
  3. Repairing Water Leaks Up To The Meters
  4. Maintain and Inspect Water Plants, Towers & Wells 2 Times A Day Everyday
  5. Performs All State Required Lab Tests
  6. Personnel In These Departments Are Required To Obtain Their Operator's License In Order To Perform Specific Duties.
Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Contact City Hall @ (361) 293-6321 for Water & Sewer Line Locates.
808 Hwy 77-A South
PO Box 738
Yoakum, TX 77995
Phone #:  (361) 293-6321
Fax #:  (361) 293-5589