Code Enforcement Office Contacts

Adam Findeisen, Code Enforcement Officer
Claudette Foutz, Assistant Code Enforcement Officer
Phone #:  361-293-6321
Fax #:  361-293-3318

808 Hwy 77A South/P.O. Box 738
Yoakum, TX. 77995
The consumer is responsible for maintaining his private water system to insure that no unprotected cross-connections or
unacceptable plumbing arrangements are permitted to exist on his premises, and that no pollutants, contaminants, nor any other
material enters the City's water system. An approved backflow prevention assembly is required at the consumer's water service
connection and/or within the consumer's private water system for the safety of the City's water system.

The consumer, upon the required time period install and/or have tested such backflow prevention assembly(s) at his own
expense; and, failure, refusal, or inability on the part of the consumer to install, have tested and maintained said assembly(s),
shall constitute grounds for denying and/or discontinuing water service to the premises until such requirements have been
satisfactorily met.

The existence of a serious threat to the integrity of the City water supply shall be considered sufficient grounds for immediate
termination of water service.
your area, please go to the
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
and use the form provided.
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