The law requires you to appear in court unless you pay your fine before you are scheduled to appear.  If you were issued a citation,
your appearance date is noted on the citation.  If you have been released on bond, your appearance date is set on the bond.  You or
your attorney may appear in person in open court, by mail, or you may deliver your plea in person to the court.

Your first appearance is to determine your plea.  If you waive a jury trial and plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), you may
talk to the judge about extenuating circumstances that you want the judge to consider when setting your fine, but the judge is not
required to reduce your fine.

If you enter a plea of not guilty, a date and time will be set for your pretrial and trial.
1.  Address the Judge as “Your Honor”
2.  Dress appropriately
3.  Be on time
4.  Park vehicle responsibly
5.  Be respectful to ALL court personnel
6.  Monitor children
7.  Silence cell phones and pagers
1.  No gum, food or drinks in the courtroom
2.  No caps, hats or other head gear
3.  No weapons, drugs or alcohol
4.  No loud talking in the courtroom
5.  No answering cell phones or pagers
while court is in session.
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City of Yoakum
Municipal Court
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Yoakum, TX 77995
Phone #:  (361) 293-6321
Fax #:  (361) 293-5589
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