PAY PERIOD – Payroll is processed every 2 weeks (26 pay periods per year.)  Checks cover the previous 2-week work period (pay period
ending on Friday) and are distributed on Wednesday of the following week. Direct Deposit is available.

HOLIDAYS – The City observes 9 ½ holidays – New Year’s Day, Good Friday Afternoon, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  For holidays falling on Saturday, we observe
the Friday before; holidays falling on Sunday, we observe the Monday after.

VACATION – Employees accrue vacation time each pay period beginning with the date of hire.  Vacation time cannot be utilized during the
first six month probationary period.  Maximum accrual time is equal to, but not greater than, two times the annual vacation rate.

SICK LEAVE – Accumulation of sick leave credits is unlimited.  Sick leave is accrued per pay period effective with the date of hire; however,
sick leave cannot be utilized during the first six month probationary period.

FUNERAL LEAVE -  Full-time employees may be granted up to one day of funeral leave for attendance and/or participation in a funeral with
the approval of their department head.  In the event of a death within the employee’s immediate family, the Department Head may grant up to
3 days of funeral leave depending on the circumstances.

MILITARY RESERVE LEAVE – Employees, who are members of State National Guard or Reserves, will be granted leave  with pay including
accrual of benefits not to exceed 15 days in one calendar year. Documentation must be provided for leave to be granted.

RETIREMENT – The City participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.  Upon hire, 6% of employee’s gross salary is placed in the
employee’s retirement account. At retirement the employee’s contribution, plus the City’s match of $2 to $1, is available upon selection of a
monthly payment.  After 5 years of employment, employee becomes a vested member of TMRS.  If vested and employee resigns, employee’s
retirement funds could remain in TMRS drawing interest until the employee qualifies for retirement.  If employee resigns before vesting,
employee contribution plus interest is available for withdrawal, or the funds can remain in the System for up to 5 years drawing interest.

HEALTH INSURANCE – The premium is paid entirely by the City on all full time employees with coverage beginning 60 days after date of
hire.  Dependent/Family coverage is available, payable by the employee (current rates available upon request).  ONCE DEPENDENT/FAMILY

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION: If treatment was received for any illness/injury within the last 12 months, maximum benefits payable for this
illness/injury will be $2,000 for the 1st 12 months, then payable as any other sickness for those 18 and over. Insurance cards are mailed to the
City within 7-10 days of enrollment. Effective January 2014, pre-existing will no longer apply.

SUPPLEMENTAL DEATH BENEFIT – The City through TMRS participates in this benefit.  If full-time employee dies while employed
with the City, an amount that is approximately equal to the member’s current annual salary is paid to the beneficiary or estate.

LIFE INSURANCE – A basic life insurance policy for $10,000 is paid by the City on all full-time employees.  In case of accidental death,
amount doubles.  

LONGEVITY/CHRISTMAS PAY – In December a check is issued amounting to ¼ (one-fourth) of 1% of employee’s annual salary, plus $5.00
for each year of service for full-time employees.


DENTAL/VISION COVERAGE – Dental/Vision coverage is available payable by the employee.  Rates are based on the current policy year.  
The premiums for this coverage are deducted from your bi-weekly pay check.  Vision coverage is a DISCOUNT PLAN; it is not considered to
be insurance.

AMERICAN FIDELITY SUPPLEMENTAL COVERAGE – American Fidelity coverage is available payable by the employee.  Cost per
month depends on the type of coverage selected.  Benefits offered include short term disability, life insurance, accidental, cancer,
hospitalization, and critical care/ICU.  American Fidelity is not a major medical insurance and benefits are paid directly to the employee.

DEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE – Standard Life offers a $2,000 life insurance policy on the spouse and a $1,000 policy on each child.  If the
child is 14 days old but not less than 6 months of age, policy is for $100 only.  This benefit is paid for by the employee and is available upon
hire, or during open enrollment.  Thereafter, a health questionnaire is required.

OPTIONAL LIFE INSURANCE – Upon hire, employees are eligible for immediate enrollment in optional life insurance with Standard Life
Insurance Company through TML.  This benefit is completely optional and premiums are paid for by the employee.  Amounts to be taken out
are based on the employee’s annual salary (at ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½, or 3 times) and age.  Employee is also eligible to enroll during the open
enrollment period pending completion and acceptance of health questionnaire.

FLEXIBLE BENEFITS PLAN – If you carry any optional benefits, participation in this plan allows the premiums to be deducted prior to the
deduction of taxes.  Short term disability through American Fidelity is NOT eligible for pre-tax. ONCE SELECTED, THIS PLAN CANNOT

LCRA CREDIT UNION – Upon hire, an employee is eligible to be a member of the LCRA Credit Union.  There are many benefits by joining;
including:  savings accounts, IRA’s, car loans, etc.  Also, once you become a member, your family is eligible for membership as well.  An
amount that you choose (in $5.00 increments) can be taken out of your bi-weekly pay check and deposited into the account(s) of your


HEALTHY INITIATIVES WELLNESS BENEFIT – This benefit is provided to ALL FULL-TIME employees enrolled with TML Health
Insurance provided through the City.  Each covered individual over the age of 18 is eligible.

WORKER’S COMPENSATION – All employees are covered through Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool should they get
injured on the job.  Employees must see a provider in the Alliance Network for benefits to be paid.

ANNUAL FLU SHOTS – Flu shots are administered on an annual basis by the DeWitt County Health Department at a location within the
City Offices at no cost to employees; covered 100% by TML Health Insurance.  

CPR TRAINING – All employees are certified every two years; classes are arranged by City Staff.

MONTHLY SAFETY MEETINGS – Safety meetings are held on a monthly basis to encourage a safe working environment.

ANNUAL SERVICE AWARDS BANQUET – Our Annual Service Awards Banquet is held for all employees, current and retired and their
immediate family.  This event is to acknowledge the achievements of our employees and to show appreciation for all of the work done to help
the citizens of Yoakum.  Service awards are presented to those individuals with eligible years of service.
For more information concerning job opportunities or to obtain an employment application, please
Theresa A. Bowe, City Clerk
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