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The Homework Spot
You need it? They have it. A huge directory of homework resources by subject as well as project ideas and help with writing.

Internet Public Library Kids' Space
Search for your subject and get a list of resources chosen by librarians around the country.

Internet Public Library Teen Space
Links to topics and resources specifically of interest to teens.

Download free pdf books for all subjects with just one click. Updated daily with new books including novels, calculus, history, and computer

Federal legislative information on the Internet.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Choose a grade level then look around for information on how the U.S. government works.

Merriam-Webster Online
How do you spell that word? And what does it mean? Try this famous dictionary and thesaurus for help.

Resources for Writers - the OWL Handouts
Grammar, spelling, parts of speech, and more.

Study guides for English literature.

United Nations
Information about the United Nations, global issues, and information about UN member countries/states.

CIA World Factbook
Facts and maps about countries of the world.

Flags of the World
Thousands of flags from around the world.

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
Huge resource for Greek Mythology.

American Memory
Historic photograph collections of United State's history.

Hundreds of resources about American History

The American Civil War
Civil War resources including battles, biographies, medicine and more.

Civil War Maps
Search for maps by location, subject or alphabetically.

Gettysburg Address
See a copy of the original Gettysburg Address writing by Abraham Lincoln and read about how it was written.

U. S. National Archives and Records
Get primary source documents for American history.

Mr. Dowling's History Passport
Links to information on counties, culture and history.

Ask Dr. Math
A question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers.

Math Reference Tables
Math tables, algebra formulas, and more.

The World of Math online.

Graph Paper!
Used your last sheet of graph paper? Don't worry, you can print out different kinds of graph paper here.

The Exploratorium Science Museum
The Exploratorium has a web site of over 15,000 web pages exploring science, art, and technology including science experiments and

Science News for Students
Science news, games and information to keep you up to date on science in the news.

The Why Files
Find out the science behind the headlines.

Thousands of pages of resources on astronomy, planets, comets, astronauts and new discoveries of the National Aeronautics and Space
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Kids Pamphlet
Kid's Search Engine
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The Library does not
endorse any of the sites,
companies, and/or
information contained within
this list. Parent/Guardian of
child assumes complete
responsibility for their child
visiting the websites and the
information viewed on the
websites. Some of these
websites may require fees to
access more features.
Information contained was
retrieved online through the
websites listed.
Mango Languages offers over 70 world language courses expertly designed to adapt to a diverse range of learning
needs, styles, and backgrounds. It is self-paced, intuitive, and accessible from anywhere. Mango combines the latest in
online learning technology with proven language acquisition
methodology to give learners of every age and background
the skills they need to communicate with confidence. Through a wide variety of adaptable exercises and learning
activities, learners pick up on new vocabulary, intuit unfamiliar grammatical structures, train pronunciation, and boost
their cultural IQ. Included with Mango is: conversational, bite-sized lessons, listening & reading activities, critical
thinking and memory building exercises, and more than 20 English second language paired-approach courses for learners
of English. The
Mango App is also available for download so you may learn on the go. If learning from a computer, go
to: www.cityofyoakum.org/library, click on Mango Languages,
create a profile, login, and get started learning a new
language. Card holders may also create up to
5 family profiles for multiple learners. You may also access Mango
through the Librista App.
The links within this text provide you with additional information on how to utilize Mango Languages - so
please consider taking a peak at them.
comenzando con los lenguajes del mango - Getting Started With Mango (Spanish)
Made possible through a Humanities Texas Relief Grant provided by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH)
as part of the American Rescue Plan.
Little Pim is Mango Languages for Kids. Childhood is the best time to begin language learning. Early language learning
enhances verbal development, reading, writing, and social skills.
Little Pim's unique methodology introduces children
to foreign languages in a way that they can easily relate to and understand. This is also available through the
App/Little Pim.
The links within this text provide you with additional information on how to utilize Mango Languages - so
please consider taking a peak at them.
Little Pim Panda Coloring Sheet
Made possible through a Humanities Texas Relief Grant provided by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH)
as part of the American Rescue Plan.
Scholastic Teachables is a user friendly educational database with over 30,000 resources available for patron use. There is unlimited and copyright
free access because the library pays for you to utilize this service. Simply
logon with your library card and set your child(ren) up for success.
Learn at the library or from the comfort of your own home - Scholastic Teachables is available on the library's public access computers, your own
personal computer, and/or accessible through your portable device, but you do have to logon with your library card # from the library website at
www.cityofyoakum.org/library or through the Librista App.
Take advantage of everything this learning tool has to offer, covering all subject areas: activity sheets, lesson plans, monthly and seasonal
activities, art and science projects, mathematics exercises, reading comprehension, social studies, grammar, vocabulary building, read-aloud plays, arts
and crafts, assessment tools, classroom management and teacher tools, clipart and images, differientiation collections, games and puzzles, learning
centers, skills sheets, wide variety of level readers/mini-books, test prep tools, and more.
100+ new resources added each month, file cabinet feature to plan ahead, save, and organize resources. Resources developed by teachers and
curriculum specialists.
Made possible through a Humanities Texas Relief Grant provided by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) as part of the American
Rescue Plan.
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LingoLite's - learning platform is an image and video-based foreign language learning tool
for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. It uses Associative Multimedia
Learning, to help the user associate an image with the correct foreign word without first
translating it into their native language. Not to substitue Mango Languages, but to enhance
your learning experience and assist in building your vocabulary. Benefits include: intensive
foreign language vocabulary building, helps pleasure travelers learn basic words quickly,
and supports students preparing for study broad
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